Downtown Parking Meters Soon to be in Effect


The new parking meters in Downtown Amarillo go live on Monday, March 4.

The city is not using traditional meters instead, it is using a digital parking management called Park Mobile. Instead of feeding coins into a machine, users would have to download an app to their smartphone or call a number to pay.

Since the meters are new for the city and residents, the city won’t be giving out tickets right away. 

“We’ll have a couple months where we will have a grace period, where we will give warnings with education materials,” Andrew Freeman, the Amarillo Planning and Development Services Director, stated.  “How to sign up, let folks know we have paid parking in place since it’s new to the city.”

There will only be around 900 metered spots, all within three blocks of the parking garage. All other parking spots downtown, people will not have to pay to park. 

“If you’re going to Polk Street or somewhere else outside that zone, it’s still free even during the day,” Freeman said.  “It’s just got time limits based on the signage in that area.”

The cost to park is $1 an hour.  The city receives 75 cents of each dollar, the other 25 cents goes to Park Mobile.

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