Doorbell Camera Captures Dramatic Robbery In Houston


Listen as a doorbell camera captured a pregnant woman’s plea just before gunshots rang out.

It was a dramatic ending to what was supposed to be a fast food run for a pregnant woman and her boyfriend.

Unidentified victim says, “Now, everywhere I go I’m always like looking who’s behind me or who’s near me, or if I see someone pass by, it’s traumatizing because I feel like they’re going to attack me again.”

The victim asked not to be identified.

She says Saturday night, three men approached them at the Edgebrook Apartments and quickly pointed guns.

Unidentified victim says,  “We don’t know them at all. I feel like it wasn’t supposed to be us.”

The victim says they were told to go inside their apartment.

The suspects followed.

Unidentified victim says, “I was shaking. I was really shaking. My hands starting sweating. I started sweating real bad. I started stuttering, shaking, and I was just telling them not to hurt me because I’m pregnant.”

Moments later, the victim says her boyfriend grabbed and gun, leading to this confrontation.

Her boyfriend was shot in the stomach, injuring his liver.

He’s in the hospital.

Today, police told us one of the suspects, Xavier Griffin, was shot in the knee and arm.

He was arrested.

Officers are still looking for the other two, who they believe left in a four-door Buick.

The pregnant woman says she and her baby are fine.

Her boyfriend is also expected to be okay.

But she hopes the other two suspects are caught after they terrorized the couple.

Unidentified victim says, “It’s unforgivable. They do deserve jail time a lot of years I say. Not even freedom because why would you do that to a pregnant woman?”

Griffin has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

He’s still recovering in the hospital.

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