Dixon Murder Retrial: Day 15

The capital murder retrial of Thomas Michael Dixon ends its third week of testimony.
Dixon was back on the stand for a third straight day today, testifying about the 2012 murder of Dr. Joseph Sonnier.
Dixon finished his time on the stand adamantly denying any knowledge about the death of Dr. Joseph Sonnier.
He continued claiming that he only wanted to be “right” about Sonnier being a ladies man who was cheating on his ex-girlfriend.
The prosecution continued trying to poke holes in Dixon’s story.
Again asking why he didn’t tell police about his and David Shepard’s plan to follow Sonnier.
Dixon claims he didn’t know it was wrong or even illegal to put cameras in Sonnier’s back yard.
He also said he didn’t become suspicious of Shepard’s involvement in the murder until three days after the murder, that would be July 14th of 2012, that was a Friday.
The prosecution then played a voice mail left by Dixon on Shepard’s voicemail from the 14th inviting him over to smoke a cigar.
The district attorney asked Dixon if that sounded like he was suspicious of Shepard.
He claims he wanted to talk to Shepard to about the murder but, Shepard allegedly denied knowing anything about it..
Once Dixon left the stand, the defense called three other witnesses:
  • a woman who used to date Sonnier,
  • Dixon’s son Andrew,
  • and a woman who claims Shepard stole more than $80,000 from her father’s estate.
That woman was not here to testify so the judge allowed a defense attorney to read from last year’s trial transcripts.
Testimony will continue for a 16th day on Monday as the retrial reaches it’s fourth week. 
With all the major players having already testified it appears they’re drawing to a close and the jury could have the case sometime next week.
Shepard did not testify this time around but he still could be called by the defense before they get to closing arguments. 

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