Dining Out For Valentine’s Day? Here Are The Dirtiest Items At Restaurants


Dining out for Valentine’s Day?

You might want to avoid certain items at the dinner table.

According to the Daily Meal, restaurants might be dirtier than we think.

Here are some of the top culinary culprits.

First, the table itself.

Although waiters usually wipe down the surface between customers, the rags used to clean them are often germ-filled themselves.

And think again if you want to add some spice to your dish.

Pepper and salt shakers are among the grossest objects you can touch at a restaurant.

The worst offender? Menus.

Researchers say menus can contain about 100 times more bacteria than a typical toilet seat.

Some of these things may be impossible to avoid, so just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after enjoying your meal. 

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