Sometimes scheduling an orthodontics appointment and sticking to it is difficult. Now, your kids don’t have to go to the dentist as often, but they still get the same treatment. 

Harwell and Cook Orthodontics understands that moms and kids are so busy with today’s schedules. So, they want to remove that barrier and any other barriers that may keep you from giving your children and yourself the smile you’ve always wanted. They have teamed up with a brand-new company called Dental Monitoring that allows Harwell and Cook to monitor your treatment remotely. 

Using your cell phone as a scanning device, Harwell and Cook can check your progress weekly and eliminate unneeded visits to the office. Dental Monitoring uses artificial intelligence to monitor up to 174 clinical situations including brushing while in treatment, gingival recession, and overall tooth movement. 

Harwell and Cook sends notifications after each scan to the patient through an app on their smartphone and if the patient is a teenager, parents are copied-in on those notifications.

Harwell and Cook’s office has a schedule set for each patient as to when they need to evaluate their treatment. They will simply get an alert on their phone that it is time for their DM scan. Once the scan is complete, it is evaluated by the AI and lets the patient know what is going on. If a patient has not been as compliant as necessary, the app will ask the patient to continue wearing their Invisalign trays for 4 more days before scanning again. 

The patient can also communicate directly to Harwell and Cook. 

Currently, Harwell and Cook is only using this technology for Invisalign patients, however, they will soon be incorporating it in the future for patients with braces and even retainers.

Harwell and Cook include Dental Monitoring for every patient that begins Invisalign treatment at no additional cost.

October is National Orthodontic Health Month! To celebrate, Harwell and Cook is offering $500 off of treatment through the end of the month, so simply call  (806)353-3593 to schedule your consultation or visit to begin the process of scheduling. 

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