Day Two of the 35th Annual M*A*S*H Blood Drive

AMARILLO - We've spent years playing the waiting game.
But now, that wait is over.
For this year's M*A*S*H Blood Drive, Coffee Memorial Blood Center has created a new system to speed up the process.
Suzanne Talley, of Coffee Memorial says, "Go to the, click on donor express. You can go through your full donor history questionnaire that you would normally answer here at the blood drive. You can print a barcoded page bring it with you, we can scan it in and you just saved that portion of your donation."
With the recent winter storm, the number of donors has been lower so far than in year's past, making today's and tomorrow's efforts even more important.
Rhett Holland, a blood donor says, "I know accidents happen everyday. I just feel like if there's nothing there to take the place of what's lost during the accident, then its not going to help anyone."
Lawanna Skidmore, a donor since the mid-1990's says, "I'm so thankful to God for giving me the ability to do this, and help others."
And it's the help Skidmore mentioned that's inspired to also roll up their sleeves.
"Actually, I started a few years ago just out of the blue, and then I got a call saying that they had used my blood to save somebody else's life," says Holland. "Ever since then, I do it every time I get a chance."
Skidmore says, "I had a son many years ago who needed blood to be held in his name, and I was unable to donate. So, when I became eligible to donate, I started to donate to pay the people back that donated for my son."
Even those who are not yet eligible tell us they plan on donating later.
Emmarie Holland, Rhett's daughter says, " If I am able to, then I plan on it, yes."
Rhett continued with, "She said she would donate today, actually, if she was old enough."


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