Day two of the Jeremy Spielbauer capital murder trial focused on the technical aspects of the case.

Much of the afternoon testimony featured the lead investigator on the stand.

The district attorney gave the timeline of deception by Spielbauer, and today he began giving evidence of that deception. 

Sgt. Mongold of the Randall County Sheriff’s Office is the lead investigator on this case and spent most of the time on the stand, 

Sgt. Mongold interviewed Spielbauer in the days following the murder.

The DA presented 3 DVDs of Spielbauer’s different interviews to show how his story kept changing. It highlighted an alleged lie within the first ten minutes of the interview.

When they watched the interviews, lead investigator Sgt. Mongold pointed out what they called minor details. They say some of them changed throughout the interviews.

At some point in the interviews, expect to hear Spielbauer admitting he was at the scene of the murder the night it happened. 

Spielbauer is accused in the 2014 murder of his ex-wife, Robin Speilbauer.

Investigators believe Jeremy Spielbauer was having an affair with his ex-wife while married to another woman.

That woman, Katie Phipps, was originally arrested and indicted in the case but was eventually exonerated.

She spent more than a year in jail before she was released and has since divorced Jeremy Spielbauer.

Robin Spielbauer’s body was found in a ditch just outside the Amarillo city limits on Helium Road.

Testimony will continue tomorrow in Randall County. 

If convicted of capital murder, Spielbauer will automatically receive life in prison without parole.