D.I.D. – Living With Multiple Personalities


(WKYC) How can the human mind fracture into different pieces? What causes it to happen and why?

“Autumn” was a little girl who endured horrifying abuse, both sexually and physically for most of her formative years. Her forced smile hides the pain she suffered by those she should have been able to trust most. The violent trauma caused her mind to fragment, like a fractured mirror in dozens of pieces.

“I’m aware of 34 parts of me, but in one of my medical records it said ‘while in dissociative state, client stated there are 80 of us’, I don’t know who said that,” Autumn says.

She refers to them as her alters. Herself is called the core and many of her alters are small children who refer to the core as “mommy.”

Physically she’s 45-years-old, but sometimes her mind thinks otherwise.

“I’ll say parts of me, pieces of me, that person and then there’s parts of me that will say mommy, my brother, my sister. It just depends on what part of me you’re talking to,” Autumn says, trying to explain.

Walter Knake, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist specializing in PTSD. He is Autumn’s therapist. In his 50 plus year career, he’s treated six patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder or D.I.D., more commonly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder.

“Believe me, it’s real,” Dr. Knake says.

All of his clients shared something in common.

“Every single one was abused horrendously before the age of 2,” he says.

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