Customers and Employees React to Walmart on Georgia Reopening After Shooting


It’s business as usual for the Walmart on Georgia.

Officials reopened this morning after the shooting that happened inside.

It was just after 11 a.m. yesterday when police say Mohammed Moghaddam, walked into the Walmart where he worked, and allegedly fired at least one shot into the ceiling. 

He also took a manager hostage.

“That was yesterday, our police department and other people handled it quite well this is today,” said Les Simpson Sr., a Walmart customer. 

This morning around 7 a.m. Walmart officials got the store on Georgia back up and running.

It was shut down after yesterday’s shooting incident. 

But by looking at the parking lot today, the incident didn’t stop customers from shopping.

“I was actually thinking about heading to one of the other Walmarts but I saw there was cars in the parking lot,” said DB Nyce, a Walmart Customer. 

Another customer said “If you look the parking lot is full so maybe some of it is curiosity,” said Rick Organ.

Walmart officials we spoke with on the phone say the crowd is a little below normal for the time but they expect for it to pick up, and it did.

“I think it’s fantastic. If you look online there was a lot people who said “oh I’ll never go back there” but I think it was just overreacting. But clearly it didn’t bother anybody,” said Nyce.

The customers we spoke with say the atmosphere inside the store was kind of quiet. 

“I saw a couple people talking, like customers talking to employees, employees talking to each other. But there was no sense of fear,” said Nyce.

Officials say counselors were on sight to help employees who were involved yesterday.

 And an employee we spoke with said some of the employees that were at work yesterday had the day off.

“I give the employees a lot of credit to have to come back  to work, knowing just what happened here less than 24 hours ago. It’s kind of brave,” said Nyce.

The customers we spoke with say they couldn’t see themselves going to another Walmart.

One of them actually said that he might have been worried more being in a store that the shooting didn’t happen.

Officials say employees at other Walmart locations in the area came out to help.

One employee says he came in from Hereford to lend a helping hand.



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