Consumer Watch: Grocery savings


Food can be expensive.

The USDA says a family of four spends on average roughly $875 to $1,045 a month at the grocery store.

So how can you save a little green while shopping for your veggies?


Look at your pantry and freezer — see what you already have and use it.

Then buy what you need.

Try to only shop once a week.

That way you can lower impulse buys and save gas.

Shop around.

Find out if milk is cheaper at one store and buy it there.

Also, look at the store’s ads.

And plan your meals around the deals.

Consider coupons.

Try coupons.-com


Use the snipsnap app to organize your coupons

Or download checkout 51 to get rebates for things you’ve already bought.

Simple ways to fatten you wallet — while buying your food.

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