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If there’s anything people love, it’s the word “free.”
And a new study finds that the key to happiness at work: is free snacks!
Surveys say, companies that give free food have happier employees compared to those who don’t.
The survey found while 56% of full-time office employees are “extremely” or “very” happy with their current job,
the number climbs to 67% with those who get treated to free food on the job.



Pasta lovers, rejoice!
The Olive Garden is offering another helping of unlimited pasta!
The chain is bringing back its popular promotion called the “pasta pass” which lets people to eat as much pasta as they want for seven weeks.
Olive Garden decided bring back the promotion after the restaurant chain sold out of the passes in 45 minutes last year, and generated quite a buzz for the chain restaurant.
But this year, Olive Garden is making the pasta pass a family affair.
For $300 the promotion will allow the cardholder to bring three guests to join in on the feast.
The passes go on sale today at 2 p.m. Eastern time on the company’s website.
Only 1,000 will be sold.


Finally, If pasta is not your thing, then how about Target?
The store is aiming for improved health for its employees -and- its customers.
The discount-store chain will start pushing healthier foods at the check-out aisles, like granola bars.
The more than 300-thousand target employees will get discounts on fruit and vegetables, and be given free fitbit activity trackers.
The moves are an attempt to promote target’s image as a wellness promoter.
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