Consumer News 7/20/17


Millennials Spend Money Differently

A new study suggests millennials are spending their money differently than older generations on things like groceries and travel.

According to a new report from, millennials ages 18 to 36 are spending significantly more than their elders in four of six categories examined in the survey.

Millennials are spending more on necessities like groceries and gas, as well as, extras like restaurant orders and cell phone bills.

But, they’re spending significantly less than older generations on television and travel.

Facebook Figuring Out a Way to Charge for News

Facebook is working on a way for news organizations to charge readers for articles they read and share on the social network.

Facebook’s head of news partnerships says the current plan is to require payments after reading ten articles from a publisher through Facebook and that Facebook is in early talks with publishers on how it “might better support subscription business models.”

Facebook confirmed the remarks, which were reported by the business website The Street.

Apple Files Patent for Better Way to Dial 9-1-1

Tech giant Apple filed a patent Tuesday for a more secretive way to dial 9-1-1 which uses fingerprint technology.

If the technology is used in future iPhones, users would set a fingerprint or a series of touches to contact 9-1-1.

When the feature is used it would give emergency responders the location of the phone, and could provide live streaming video or audio.

It’s still unclear whether this technology will be used on future iphones.

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