Construction Update: Major Changes on Hollywood and I-27

AMARILLO - You may have already noticed today if you drove around Hollywood and I-27.

Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation said during the next several months you will start to see major changes on Hollywood and I-27. 

We are told it is a multi-faceted project that is going take about three years.

Officials said B1, the current phase that kicked off today, does a number of things.

It replaces the I-27 bridges where they intersect with Hollywood Road or State Loop 335, and the first part of that process is to first move traffic from one side of the interstate to the other side. 

TxDOT officials said they are going to be doing that by putting in crossovers just south and north of Hollywood. 

We are told a lot of work has to take place to accommodate the frontage roads being put in. 

"To the southeast of I-27 on Hollywood Road, you have seen a lot of work a lot of progress take place," said Sonja Gross, TxDOT PIO. "We've put in overpasses, you've seen where we got the frontage roads up and running and we got them almost all the way to I-27. In fact, we're currently working on a crossover at Hollywood and Bell Street."

Gross told us once those crossovers are made and traffic moved over to one side, the next part of the project is to start demolishing the bridges at I-27 and Hollywood, but it will not be all at once.

She said one side of the bridge will be demolished and then they will construct it and vice versa.

Gross added this specific project is set to cost about $42.4 million.

She said the completion date is set for spring of 2021.

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