There is some confusion surrounding mail-in ballots in Potter County.

The elections administrator said that confusion will not prevent anyone from voting.

Mail-in ballots are a popular choice for elderly voters. They can cast their votes without having to leave the house. 

First voters have to fill out an application in order to be eligible to use mail-in ballots, and that’s where the confusion is coming in.

Potter County Elections Administrator Melynn Huntley said they have had to return nearly 100 applications for mail-in ballots because the voters did not fill out the form properly.

Huntley told us in some cases people are failing to identify which primary they would like to vote-in, Democratic or Republican, and her department cannot guess. So, they send back the application for a do-over.

“Some of them are very complete, where all the voter has to do is sign their name and put a stamp on them and mail them to us.  Some of them are missing a lot of information that results in us having to reject them, send them another letter, or send them a completely new application,” said Huntley.

Huntley said no one is being denied a chance to vote. They just have to fill out the paperwork properly in order to cast a mail-in ballot.

The reason for the application for mail-in ballots is eligibility.

In Texas, only voters over the age 65, those with disabilities, or people planning to be out of town for the duration of early voting and election day are eligible.