Colon Cancer Striking Younger Patients


(KPRC) Doctors say the number of young people diagnosed with colon cancer is rising.

Brittany Dodson was diagnosed with colon cancer at just 26 years old, and doctors think her tumor began forming when she was much younger.

“I was healthy, young and fit. How could I get this? Why? We didn’t know,” Dodson says.

She has a syndrome that she didn’t know she had and no one else in her family has. It causes her cells to mutate, and in this case it caused cancer.

“It was shocking. I had symptoms of abdominal pain and bleeding and they were getting more consistent and were not going away with the remedies I was trying so I was getting concerned,” Dodson says.

Dr. Putao Cen, and oncologist with Memorial Hermann and UT Health, says young people are not immune to colon cancer, but their symptoms are different.

Cen said young people should tell a doctor immediately if they:

– Have blood in the stool
– Experience alternating constipation and diarrhea 
– Feel extremely fatigued or pale

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