College Students Help to Build Houses for Habitat for Humanity


College students from out of state are helping to build houses for low-income families here in Amarillo.

This is the second week of Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge program. 

Trevor Lowry, Public Relations Director, for Amarillo Habitat for Humanity explained the program.

“We get college students from really all over the country to come down here in our community to volunteer with habitat for humanity,” said Trevor Lowry, public relations director for Amarillo Habitat for Humanity.

Students are giving up a week of their spring break to help others. 

“It was actually like an impulsive decision but I saw an opportunity to give back to not necessarily my community but a community that needed help,” said Indiana University Student, Angela Navarro.

Many of the students have never done any type of construction work before, but under the guidance of Habitat for Humanity staff, they have acquired new skills.

Students said giving back will hopefully give others something to look forward to.

Erika Patino, another student in the collegiate challenge, said she’s learned a lot from the program.

“It brings to light what’s going on in America with low-income families and how important it is for organizations like Habitat for Humanity,” Patino said. 

Families that receive these houses must be considered low-income but must make enough money to make monthly payments on the house.

They expect that the house currently being worked on by the students of Indiana University will be finished this month.

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