It has been 20 years since Dorien Thomas, a nine-year-old Amarillo boy vanished.

On October 26, 1998, Thomas vanished while riding his bike. 

“What is so problematic about this is you have a nine-year-old kid who is out riding his bicycle the last time he was seen and he flat disappears, bike and all,” said Lt. Erick Bohannon with Special Crimes Unit. 

Thomas lived in the area of 9th and North Lipscomb and was known by many of his neighbors.

Lt. Bohannon tells us he knew his way around and was often seen riding around at night.

“You got a smart kid who is streetwise, why in the world would he just flat disappear, that is going to take somebody who is going to have to know him or maybe if they didn’t know him they had to use some sort of subversive means to take him from here,” said Bohannon.

There has been a lot of speculation about the possibility of foul play in the case but Bohannon says he tries to stay optimistic.

He just hopes someone will come forward to help close the case.

“We want any and all tips we can get, we still keep a lead sheet on this case as they come in and we catalog those and see if they marry with something that came in before, we’ll just have to see.”

The  National Center for Exploited And Missing Children released an age progression about 5 years ago of what Dorien could look like now.

If you know anything about Dorien Thomas, you are asked to call the Special Crimes Unit.