Code Blue Warming Station Helps Those in Need


Code Blue Warming Station opens their doors for people in need when the temperature drops in the Panhandle.

When the temperature gets to 18 degrees, the CBWS opens. It provides a space for people without shelter from the cold to stay and keep warm during the harsh weather.  

“They open the doors allow them to come in.” Danielle Mills, a volunteer from Mustard Street Charities, stated, “Get a space to lie down and rest and sleep and a warm place to lay their head.”

The warming station has only been in effect for two years and is being held this year at the Guyon Sanders Resource Center. Volunteers from several different shelters and charities donate more than just their time.
Mills gave us insight as to what volunteers and donors give. 

“They supply coffee.” Mills said, “They supply through donations hot chocolate, soups, chips lots of…anything that we can get in donations we supply overnight.” 

Items that are asked to support the CBWS are socks, jackets, blankets, coffee, and individually wrapped snacks.  
The volunteers with the non-profit work overnight and some even stay on call until they are relieved. 

Mills continued, “They were able to be here at 8 p.m. We came in with Mustard Street and relieved Code Blue so that they could go home and sleep.”

The CBWS is always needing volunteers. If a person cannot volunteer time, they can always assist the Amarillo Police Department by finding those who need help.

Sgt. Carla Burr with APD said they can always use extra eyes, “If a citizen sees someone that looks like they’re asleep or may be injured or whatever, you know they can stay in their car and lock the doors or they can watch the doors and make sure that nothing worse happens.”
Burr also stated that if  9-1-1 is called and a person is found outside with no shelter the police can go to the location and help to get that person to the CBWS or get them medical treatment. 

The CBWS is not limited to the homeless. If a person is having utility problems they are welcome to come as well. 
Volunteers can also provide rides for those who may not have a way to get to the center. 

A person in need can call or text the CBWS at 806-414-2243. 

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