A Clovis man claimed his son attempted to commit suicide after he was bullied in school.

Daniel Gutierrez said he found his 12-year-old son, also named Daniel, hanging in a closet at their home on November 29.

“He was blue; he was gone. He was gone and I gave him CPR for 20 minutes, it took the paramedics 20 minutes to get there. He finally took one gasp of air, and they rushed him to Clovis hospital, and I made it there and they said they were taking him to Lubbock,” Gutierrez said.

He said that his son’s attempted suicide stemmed from multiple instances of bullying by classmates at Gattis Middle School in Clovis, New Mexico.

“Since day one, he’s been picked on and pushed around,” Gutierrez said. “He went to the principal and teachers himself, and nothing was getting done.  So, he came home, came to us. We tried to have him get help, and nothing was going nowhere.”

“Slowly we started obtaining videos of him being beat up, harassed, being humiliated in front of other students. We went to the principal and district office of the schools with these videos, and the result of the videos, my son was suspended,” he said. “He was being beaten in his locker room by another student that was two times his size. As he tries to run away, all the other students were tripping him, pushing him around.”

EverythingLubbock.com has obtained a video in which Gutierrez said his son was beaten by another student. That video has been attached to this article.

“We went to the police department and gave them a copy of the video. And this was 4 or 5 weeks ago, and nothing has happened. We went back to school after that. And he was called out being a snitch, beat up, slapped. They forced him to put girl clothes on in the locker room and walk out to the courtyard in front of everybody at lunch,” Gutierrez said.

“No kid should feel like that at all — at all — especially a kid his young of age,” said Roxann Gutierrez, Daniel’s stepmother. “We just don’t know what else to do.”

Gutierrez said he’s upset with the way this situation has been handled by school officials and law enforcement.

“I explained to everybody, every authority in Clovis, New Mexico what was going on with my son. They say, ‘We’ll look into it. We’ll look into it.’ Nothing is getting done,” he said.

Carrie Bunce, Deputy Superintendent for Clovis Municipal School District, said Thursday that the bullying claims were being investigated. She said the district was aware of the video that appeared to show Daniel being beaten, and said it was to be included in the investigation.

“The first time the district was made aware of the bullying was November 30,” Bunce said, adding that the district has a “no-tolerance” bullying policy.

She explained that Gattis Middle School has several items in place to promote bullying awareness. That included a handbook that each family receives, an assembly for students, teacher training, positive action curriculum in history classes, and a bullying presentation in science classes in smaller groups.

Bunce said the district has a “mandatory reporting” policy, meaning that if a staff member is alerted to a possible bullying situation, a report must be made to school officials.

“We hope the child has a full recovery and gets better,” she said. Bunce would not comment on the status of the other student shown in the video, saying that she could not release details of another student’s records. But she did indicate that the student’s involvement was part of the investigation.

Calls made to Clovis Police had not been returned as of Thursday evening.

Gutierrez said he had custody of Daniel and another one of his children, adding that their mother had visitation provisions.

He said she visited him at the hospital, where he is recovering.

“He’s off of oxygen, he’s breathing on his own. He’s eating on his own. His memory is scattered, it’s really scattered,” Gutierrez said. He said Daniel suffered brain damage.

“It’s going to take a lot of therapy and a lot of doctor appointments,” his wife added.

Gutierrez said he contacted the school board, school superintendent, and Clovis Police, to no avail.

“I don’t think there’s a word to explain it. I mean, the officials and principals are there for matters like this. And if they don’t take care of it, I expect for their bosses, the school board, to take care of it,” he said. “They preach about all this ‘Stop Bullying, Stop Bullying.’ Here it is in front of your face, and they’re not recognizing it.”

“We just don’t want to help Daniel, we want to help others,” Roxann Gutierrez said.

“We want to make sure there’s help for them. And let them know that they’re not alone,” Daniel’s father said. “Kids have a small voice. Their parents, and their adults, are supposed to be around to be the bigger voice for them.”