Closed for a Cause: A Day Without Immigrants in Amarillo


Closing for a cause.

That’s what some local businesses did for today.

It’s all part of a National movement that’s made its way to the Yellow City.

We took a look at how several local businesses lived out “A Day Without Immigrants.”  

Driving in east Amarillo showcases the variety of local businesses the city has to offer. 

But take a closer look…

And you’ll see some of the buildings sporting new signs.

“I showed up and it was closed,” said Gustavo Sanchez, Customer.

But it’s not for a holiday but rather a protest.

“I heard about this movement that they were going to do about the immigration. You know, all Mexicans are going to take I guess a day off, see how I guess this country runs without them,” said Sanchez

Sanchez along with many others came looking for a product but ended up leaving empty-handed. Some were surprised, disappointed or unaware that some businesses were even participating in the Day Without Immigrants movement.

“They’re exercising their First Amendment rights and it kind of makes sense to what’s going on right now in politics,” said Luis Lopez, Customer. 

The Amarillo version of the movement affected a dental clinic, several restaurants, an ice cream parlor and much more.

A few of the immigrant-owned business owners who chose to remain open despite the protest say it was a matter of money.

“And I thought about it, I was like, should I participate in this event because I myself am from Mexico, you know? But I was like I can’t really do that because I kinda need the job,” said Sanchez.

When we spoke with one man regarding the Day Without Immigrants protest, he told us off camera that he’s happy about it because it means more jobs for them.

“I really don’t see why people say it’s like taking our jobs even though they’re fulfilling like hard labor jobs most of the time. This country was based around immigrants. So there’s really no set American, American,” said Lopez.

Sanchez and Lopez echoed their support of the protest, but they say they don’t think it will have an impact.

Many of the businesses that closed today are expected to back up and running tomorrow.

This protest has brought up a lot of conversations on our Facebook page.

Misti says “This is so stupid. We don’t mind immigrants, we just don’t like illegal immigrants. How hard is this to understand.”

Brandon says “If you have the ability to take the day off to protest, obviously you’re not missed at work or anywhere else for that matter…”

And Walter says “And nothing was accomplished. I hope ICE noted all these businesses so they can go round some up…”

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