Clean Up Amarillo helps to clean busy areas around the city


A local group woke up bright and early Saturday morning, loading up trash bags to help keep Amarillo clean.

Keep Amarillo Clean, usually works in neighborhoods helping to pick up debris but for this particular clean up they focused near fast-food restaurants.

“We start really early about eight or nine-thirty to avoid the heat. We had a great crowd out today,” Robin Farris, Keep Amarillo Clean board member, stated.

Volunteers of Keep Amarillo Clean braved the heat this morning to pick up trash near Tascosa Road.

On hot days like this, the wind can feel great but it can also make a mess.

“We picked this area because it is a high traffic area and there’s a lot of open fields and a lot of trash from the fast-food restaurants that blow around,” Farris explained.

Volunteers said the hard work pays off when they see they have made a difference to an area.

“We are just a group of people that are really concerned about Amarillo and the beauty of Amarillo,” Farris said.

Board members of the organization say they hope others in the city consider taking part in the cleanup since trash does not just affect the beauty of a city.

“These plastics that are also clogging the sewer lines and the creeks that’s bad news,” Babji Yalamanchili, stated.

Bad news because enough trash clogging sewers can lead to flooding and harm wildlife.

“We’ve gotten really lax about the litter that’s in Amarillo and we’ve got a great group of people that are trying to spread the word out and make Amarillo more beautiful,” Farris said.

The end goal for Keep Amarillo Clean is to not just keep Amarillo beautiful but also encourage future generations to keep their home clean.

“We need to teach children how to take care of their own neighborhoods. in the long run, they can change the whole world,” Yalamanchili said.

Board members of Keep Amarillo Clean say they are planning to hold a city-wide clean up on September 21 for National Clean-Up Day.

They ask that if people are unable to make it out and clean up with them to try and clean up their neighborhoods.

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