City Seeing Success with Trash Carts, Officials say


Multiple areas are seeing success after the implementation of trash carts in parts of the city. 

A year ago, the city targeted multiple areas that needed trash carts such as those with curbside pickup, or with dumpsters in front of their homes. 

While the response has been positive, there are a few growing pains.

Currently, the city is leaving tags on carts that are not in the correct place or that have trash alongside the cart. They are continuing to dump those carts for the time being, and just leaving a warning.  However, the city will eventually be skipping those carts. 

“We’re going to add approximately 1,200 homes to this route. Now that we have kind of got our feet under us and we know the routes and the drivers are getting more efficient, we’ll start adding homes to these routes and so we will not have the time to get out and move carts for people going forward,” said Interim Solid Waster Superintendent, Clair Snow.

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