City of Amarillo Breaks Ground on MPEV

AMARILLO - For years and years, city leaders have thrown around the idea of bringing baseball back to Amarillo. 

A few months ago, they finally made a catch when the Ellmore Group agreed to move their AA team from San Antonio to the High Plains. 

The renderings have been approved, the construction company assigned, and the only thing left to do is make it official. 

Today city leaders and the community gathered downtown to break ground on the multi-purpose event venue facility. It was a momentous occasion, not just because construction can begin, but because today our city leaders can finally put a mark in their win column.

When the MPEV opens next April, it will host 70  homes games a year. Mayor Ginger Nelson said we will have many activities in between. 

She said the MPEV is a great economic driver for downtown Amarillo and the way the city is funding the facility is a genius idea. 

"It is a panhandle facility, in that it is going to benefit the entire panhandle, not just Amarillo, but we are not using any property taxes and general fund dollars. So we are not taking away from any city services to pay for this MPEV, we are just using Hotel Occupancy Tax," said Mayor Nelson.

We had to ask if the MPEV will be ready for first pitch next April. Everyone we talked to was confident we will be ready to play ball. 

The Amarillo Professional Baseball Club is a working title. They will have a name the team contest with the community this spring. 

The best way to keep up with information on the team is to follow them on social media.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram @amarilloproBB. 

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