City issues tips for mosquito prevention after today


AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — While we always appreciate rain on the High Plains, the amount we have received this past week could cause some issues.

After the rain stops. The breeding grounds for mosquitoes are left behind. The City of Amarillo issued some preventative tips today.

“If there’s bodies of water, standing water, or ditches, you’re going to see an increase in mosquitoes,” said City of Amarillo Environmental Health Director, Anthony Spanel.

Spanel said the city is doing its part to treat for diseases the pests might be carrying.

“We go out and we do test bodies of water. It’s called dipping, where we take samples of water and you can view as many larva are in the water. So we do go out and we monitor those areas,” said Spanel.

The public can help, too. Spanel is reminding everyone about the four Ds:

Drain and mow your grass:

“You want to make sure to tip and toss. You want to dispose of any kind of standing water on your property. Flower pots, dog bowls, water bowls, anything like that,” said Spanel.


“Any type of repellent or insecticide repellent that has deet is a good idea,” said Spanel.


“Wear long sleeves, pants,” Spanel said.

Do this daily:

“That’s the best advice I can give. If everyone in our community did that, the chances of mosquitoes a real problem the next couple weeks will absolutely go down,” Spanel.

Also, part of the fourth tip is to avoid dusk and dawn. That is when mosquitoes are most active.

Even if this rain does bring out more mosquitoes in the next week or so, they should not be around long. They will not survive after the first freeze, which Meteorologist Britney Trumpy told us ranges between mid-October and November.

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