City Has New Plan for Removal of Bulk Waste


The City of Amarillo has a new plan to handle bulk waste, called the Curb-Side program. 

There is an issue around the city with the growing clutter of unwanted items and debris in the alleyways.

As a solution, they are now asking to first call the City, then place your unwanted items, such as furniture and fencing materials, on your front curbside. 

They will make arrangements to pick up these items within one to two days. 

“Ally pickup is challenging because it takes a long time. It’s sometimes hazardous. We have a lot of overhead obstructions, a lot of utilities, a lot of trees, a lot of other things that make it difficult for our large equipment to operate. So, it extends the amount time that it takes to pick up any bulk waste pick up,” said Amarillo City Manager Jared Miller.

The mayor and city management are placing new informational stickers on dumpsters with the number to call for pick-up and instructions on what you can and cannot throw away with this program.

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