Caught On Camera: Giant Meth Lab Explosion In Tennessee


Just feet from flames….a group of people rushing to get back after this Nutbush area home explodes.

Donnie Bishop says, ‘I was just four streets over doing my yard and I heard a loud boom and the next thing I know I hear fire trucks coming.’

As you can see from this video, firefighters were already fighting a fire here at the 1300 block of Maria street.

They believe people were cooking meth at the house.

Something got out hand, sparking flames which then ignited several propane tanks causing the big bang.

Bishop says, “I knew it was a meth lab. Everybody in the neighborhood knows it`s a meth lab.”

We’re told two people including this man were injured trying to fight the flames.

Serious facial and neck burns reported on one of them.

Memphis Fire Dept. Lt. Robert Ilsley says, “I can’t really confirm that this was their home that was on fire, but they were in the front yard trying to put it out with a garden hose when we got here.”

It was a real workout for firefighters as they knocked out bits of wall in search of any hidden fires and an even bigger battle just getting inside.

Lt. Ilsley says, “We had to put out a lot of fire just to make entry and we still we’re sure if we had a rescue or not.”

No rescue needed. It turned out.

Just two people in need of medical attention and a neighborhood in need of a cleanup.

Some hope it`s now getting with one less possible meth lab.

Bishop says, “I’m glad it`s down. Maybe the rest of them will get burnt.”

Asked about the possibility of criminal charges resulting from this, a Memphis police department spokesperson said the fire department was still handling the investigation.

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