Caught on Cam: Texas Deputy Rescues Woman in Fire


This is the heart-pounding video of a deputy rushing to break out windows and rip off the window screen of a trailer home on fire.

Harris Co. Deputy Roberto Martinez was nearby when he got the call around 3:20 that morning.

Body camera video captured him running to the scene of a house already filled with smoke and fast moving flames.

Harris Co. Sheriff’s Office Deputy Roberto Martinez says, “Just broke the window like I had to, that was the easiest thing to do, the front door was completely engulfed.”

A family of five adults and two children, ages 7 months and 3 years, live inside.

They all escaped through another window except Grandmother Eloisa Martinez who tells us she got trapped in the darkness and thick smoke.

Eloisa Martinez says, “I was scared, I was scared. I just didn’t know how I was going to get out.”

The video captures the deputy’s efforts to get to the grandmother but he says a dresser blocked his way in.

Deputy Martinez says, “It had to be at least six-feet tall because it was up there, it was probably covering the entire window.”

Eloisa Martinez says, “He broke the window and I had a cabinet there in the front and so he pushed it over and I was able to crawl through and get to the window.”

“Come to me, come to me. I’ve got you right here, right here. I got you.”

Eloisa calls this deputy her god send, telling us he saved her life.

Eloisa Martinez says, “If he wouldn’t have come when he did I would probably be passed out on the ground, on the floor.”

The deputy with 10 years of law enforcement experience says this was his first house fire rescue and declined to be called a hero.

Deputy Martinez says, “I was just doing what I have to do. Anyone of us would have done it.”

But he says he would do it all over again.

Both Deputy Martinez and Eloisa were treated and released from the hospital where they got to meet again.

Her husband remains in the hospital for observation

Investigators have not determined what started the fire.

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