‘Cat’-Tastrophe Sale at the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society


The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society said they have an overabundance of cats in the shelter.

They told us today cat and kitten season never really ended this year.

Plenty of cute and friendly cats and kittens are available for adoption, but sadly, the humane society’s cat room is close to capacity.

“They’re so cute, but unless there’s a place for them, they’re all in danger,” said Angie Shafer, a humane society volunteer. “I want people to come and adopt, and not take free kitties off of Craigslist anymore, or…the sell pages…this is what happens when you take free kitties.”

They have been unable to adopt cats out quickly enough from the shelter.  So, they are hosting a special event this week to help more cats find homes. They are calling it the “cat”-tastrophe sale.

The humane society said it is crucial to adopt out as many cats as possible during this event and they hope the lower prices will help.

“We don’t have enough room at PetSmart,” said Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society Foster Coordinator and Adoption Manager, Tina Ensey. “We can’t get them out fast enough. We can’t adopt them fast enough to get them out the door and the room is filling up. As it fills up, they have to have space. We all know what happens then.”

The humane society said for those who are unable to adopt a cat but still want to help, fostering for a few weeks is always a good option.

The special will continue through Friday, allowing people to find their fur-ever friend at an even lower price.

Adult cats can be adopted for $25, kittens for just $50, and you can even get two kittens for $75. Those prices apply to cats at the shelter, at PetSmart, and in foster care. The humane society told us the amount paid at the time of adoption will also cover spay and neuter fees, micro-chipping and shots when adopters take their new cat or kitten home.

The humane society regularly hosts adoption specials on weekends. They said they will continue the special pricing after this week if necessary.

“Cats are a whole lot easier than dogs,” Ensey added. “Cats, if you’re gonna be gone all day, no problem. You put out a litter box, you put out some food. They’re good to go. If you’re a busy person, a cat is a perfect animal for you.”

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