Caprock Roundup and Rodeo


The second Saturday in July has been a special day in Claude for the past 126 years. 

Today the town hosted the Caprock Roundup and Rodeo.

“It’s great to have an old tradition. Something to look forward to every year. Everyone just coming back home,” said Terrill Conrad, a 35-year attendee.

Liz Kindell, a coordinator explained some of the history behind the tradition.

“They started counting the years 87 years ago but after doing some investigating, we found that there was an article in the Dallas Morning News about a grand picnic in Claude, Texas and everything like it was back in 1892. Everyone brought items to serve the beef with…everything and it still stands this way today,” Kindell said. 

Landry Little, who was crowned Miss Armstrong County 2015, shared her experiences.

“When I was younger, it definitely didn’t seem quite as big,” Little said. “I don’t know if that’s because it wasn’t as big or because I was so young, but through the years I have seen our community come closer and closer together. Even when it feels like we couldn’t get any closer, every year I come out here and it just blows me away by how incredible it is to see everyone come together.”

The parade began this morning and was followed by a fiddlers’ contest, pageants, and a barbecue.

The event concludes tonight with a dance in Legion Hall following the professional rodeo. 

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