Capital Murder Charges Dropped Against Katie Spielbauer, Still a Suspect

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AMARILLO — An Amarillo woman is cleared of capital murder charges, for now.

The Randall County District Attorney dropped charges today against Katie Spielbauer.

The 29-year old was arrested in April of last year and charged with the murder of her husband’s ex-wife Robin Spielbauer.

Investigators and prosecutors believed they had a slam-dunk case when they arrested Katie Spielbauer for the death of Robin Spielbauer. 

Early evidence pointed to her guilt. But, additional evidence cast some doubt on the case.  

Robin’s body was found lying next to her SUV on Helium Road in April of last year.

Autopsy results show she was beaten and shot in the back of the head.

A key piece of evidence was the gun used in the murder.

Prosecutors say it belonged to Katie and was recovered in her home.

However, after studying phone records for the last year.

Randall County DA James Farren says there’s overwhelming evidence katie was with her son the night of the murder.

Randall County DA James Farren says, “Her son’s phone has an internal tracking device that was active at that time.  We finally have the records that tell us where his phone was every minute on the minute.  His phone was never at Helium road not any time.”

Farren says multiple witnesses place Katie with her son the night of the murder.

He adds if they can prove Katie was not with her son or that he didn’t have his phone with him, things could change.

As for motive, prosecutors believed Katie Spielbauer killed Robin because she thought the victim was having an affair with her husband.

Despite the charges being dismissed against her, Katie Spielbauer is still a suspect in the case. 

Farren says they’ll start the investigation from scratch.

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