Canyon ISD strengthening consequences for vaping on campuses


CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “We mean business. We do not want our students doing this. We do not want it on our campuses,” said Robyn Cranmer, Canyon I.S.D. Assistant Superintendent of Support Services.

Cranmer is referring to students vaping on campus, which is an alternative form of smoking.

CISD is hoping to quell this growing trend by harshening the consequences for students that are caught doing it this year.

“The first incident that a student is caught with a vape, that will be confiscated and it will not be returned. We will be destroying it,” said Cranmer.

Along with that, the student could face up to five days of in-school suspension (ISS).

Cranmer explains why the district decided to turn things up a notch from before, when if a student got caught, they only went to ISS.

“We just felt like that didn’t make the impact we wanted based on reading research and looking at trends across our district, across the state and across the nation. We felt like we wanted a stronger stance and we wanted to help students understand how negative vaping can be for them,” said Cranmer.

Cranmer also says that she hopes that some new state laws will help them out as well.

“It’s 21 now before you can buy vapes. We’re also hoping that will impact and we won’t see as many in the high schools. Before that, it was 18. So our students could buy one legally and bring it,” said Cranmer.

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