Camp Iwanna fundraiser canceled due to flooding at Don Harrington Discovery Center


Over the weekend, the Don Harrington Discovery Center (DHDC) was forced to cancel their “Camp Iwanna” fundraiser after a pipe busted, leaking around 2,900 gallons of water into the east wing.

Damage caused by a busted pipe in the men’s room was made worse by heavy rain on Saturday.

Instead of raising money, the nonprofit organization is spending it on the cleanup.

“The big thing is that we have to cancel this fundraising event because of the flooding,” Dr. Aaron Pan, Don Harrington Discovery Center Executive Director, said.  

The flooding that spread to the basement was not your ordinary leaky pipe.

“About 38 gallons per minute of water was flowing into the east wing,” Pan said. “Unfortunately, now we’re having to pay out more money during this flooding event. So any help that we could have would be wonderful.” 

According to workers, not all hope is lost. The rest of the building is still accessible and the other camps are still taking place.

Director of Visitor Experience, Mandi Ried, said parents looking to keep their kids busy during the summer can still come to DHDC for that experience, regardless of the cleanup. 

“We have our middle gallery area that has a lot of space exhibits right now as well as the west side of the building is completely open,” Reid said.

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is planning to have their east wing up and running again on Thursday.

They are also giving a $2 flood discount on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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