Camacho Admitted to Stabbing Woman 23 Times Before Leading Officers on Chase

Camacho charged with capital murder

LUBBOCK, TX (KLBK) - After a capital murder charge and a kidnapping charge were filed against Lucio Gollo Camacho, 46, of Muleshoe, requested a copy of the arrest warrant.

The warrant said Camacho admitted to stabbing a woman 23 times in front of her 3-year-old son.  He also admitted he kidnapped the child with every intent of taking the boy to Mexico. 

Camacho was arrested in Southeast Lubbock last Friday after leading law enforcement on a chase.  After he was arrested, officers found a child and a dead body in Camacho’s truck.

The family identified the victim as Oralia Granados.  The warrant gave her full name as Petra Oralia Granados De Flores.  

Before the warrant was issued, officials said Camacho stabbed a woman in Bailey County, put her body and small child in his truck, drove to Garza County, confronted a corrections officer near the Dalby Prison while covered in blood, led Garza County deputies on a chase, and was finally stopped and arrested in Southeast Lubbock.  

In Lubbock, he was charged with evading, abandoning a child, and resisting arrest.  Camacho has been held in the Lubbock County Detention Center since that time. 
The warrant goes into more detail about the original stabbing. 

While in jail, Camacho agreed to talk to officers.

The warrant said, “During the interview, Camacho confessed to knowingly and intentionally stabbing Petra Oralia Granados De Flores twenty-three (23) times in the throat, chest and head, causing her death in front of and a few feet away from her son.”

“Camacho confessed to dragging the deceased body of Petra Oralia Granados De Flores from her residence in Bailey County, Texas, and placing her in the bed of the Ford F-150 pickup,” the warrant said.  

Camacho confessed to taking Granados’ 3-year-old boy from the residence and putting him in the pickup before driving away.

“Camacho stated he intended to take [the little boy] to Mexico where CAMACHO's family resided and admitted to knowing his conduct was considered to be kidnapping.” 

Note: The warrant gave Camacho’s full name as Lucio Alquisira Camacho which is a different middle name from his jail booking sheet.    

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