California Man Risks Life to Save Dog in House Fire


A California man risks his life to save his dog from a house fire.

Pala resident Adam Guzman capturing these dramatic images of a man running past firefighters into a burning home over the weekend.

Firefighters and witnesses nearby can be heard shouting for him to come back.

A few moments later the man returns pushing along a pitbull with his arms showing visible signs of burn injuries.

The man in the video has now been identified as Jose Guzman, no relation to Adam.

Jose telling local media he ran inside on pure adrenaline and found his dog still on her leash crouched inside a bathroom.

He decided to rescue her because she’s part of his family and couldn’t imagine living without her.

The Guzman family lost everything in the fire.

They are now collection donations through a go-fund-me account for those interested in helping them start again. 

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