C-3PO In the Texas Panhandle


Star Wars fans, this one’s for you.

Meet Jordan, from the town of Panhandle, TX. Jordan spent the last 4 years planning, researching, and building his very own C-3PO suit.

It’s gold, it’s shiny, and it’s apparently just like the real thing – Jordan said he used the exact detail in the movies to craft his suit, and that it’s a 1:1 scale replica of the ones used in the Star Wars films.

Jordan said he crafted the suit using fiberglass, ABS plastic, and urethane rubber. He added that he spent $6000 to build it.

“When I was in eighth grade, I began to feel an empathy with the character,” Jordan said. “I had built a costume before that of a Tuskan Raider and I had begun researching C-3PO because I just loved him so much. He’s upright in both character and posture so those are two things about his qualities that I love about him.”

Jordan attended AMA-CON at the beginning of August, and he says his C-3PO costume was a big hit. He also went to Comic Con in Boston, where he met Anthony Daniels. Daniels is the actor who plays the real C-3PO in all of the Star Wars movies. Jordan says Daniels followed his progress in building his own suit and was an inspiration for him.

“When I went to Boston, [Daniels] asked me to stop by his booth for some pictures, and it was a phenomenal time. He’s a very gracious gentleman very welcoming to other C-3PO costumers and fanatics alike.”

And if you were wondering, it’s not a comfortable experience wearing the suit, according to Jordan. He said it can take an hour to completely put the suit on, and sometimes it takes as many as three helpers.

“Yes, it is hot in there. And no, I can’t see. I see through those two little holes in the eyes.”

And Jordan said it’s hard to breathe in the suit, and that he has to take the mask off every twenty minutes or so to take a break.

Jordan is a member of the Rebel Legion – an international organization of costumers who build Star Wars costumes. They then wear their costumes at charitable events. Jordan said it means the world to be able to see someone smile and make someone happy.

Jordan will be a freshman at Texas Tech in the fall, and he plans on studying Music.

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