Wind turbine blade disposal becoming an environmental problem


A Bloomberg Green Report noting that companies and municipalities are searching for ways to dispose of wind turbine blades at the end of their life cycle, creating problems because the blades aren't recyclable, making environmentalists mad

(FOX NEWS) — An energy product designed to create renewability is itself now becoming a potential environmental liability and forcing businesses and municipalities to scramble to come up with new solutions for disposal.

A Bloomberg Green Report detailing new issues with old wind turbine blades.

The report saying that many municipal landfills, particularly in the midwest or west are burying older windmill blades no longer useful.

The report adding as many as 8,000 need to be removed in the next several years.

Companies and municipalities are searching for ways to dispose of them such as crushing them for new building products.

But due to limits of the right machines to do that task and a blade’s giant size they’re buried, upsetting some environmentalists who are concerned about sustainability.

While not harmful to the land, the fiberglass body of a turbine blade does not naturally degrade.

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