IHOP launches new “pancakes” that are actually burgers


As part of its latest publicity stunt, IHOP is dubbing its new burgers “pancakes”.

The restaurant chain teased the possibility of yet another name change last week.

Now, it looks like it was all just a marketing plan to promote a brand new line-up of burgers.

The flapjack franchise introducing three new menu items Monday called the big IHOP pancake, garlic butter pancake, and loaded Philly pancake.

It might sound confusing, but they are actually just black Angus burgers with a misleading name.

However, one of them does have a fat flapjack stacked in between its beef patties.

The pancake house also warning customers they may be on the “ban-cake list” if they tweeted something mean about IHOP.

If you want to get back in the restaurant’s good graces, you’ll have to compliment the new so-called “pancakes” on social media. 

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