Business Owner Demands Resignations from Mayor, Councilman, City Manager


More fireworks at Amarillo’s city council meeting Tuesday.

A businessman demanded the resignations of two council members and the city manager.

The owner of Advanced Pavement Maintenance wants Mayor Paul Harpole, Councilman Brian Eades and city manager Jarrett Atkinson to step down immediately.

This all stems from a lawsuit between the city and Advanced Pavement.

The suit was settled out of court, but the owner of the business says “its not over”.

“You’re not doing your job as an overseer of the taxpayer money and I demand your resignation.”

Those are the words of Advanced Pavement owner Scotty Knutson.

He claims he was economically blackmailed into settling a lawsuit with the city in May and now his company is being blacklisted out of any new business with the city.

Knutson said, “Brian Eades knew about this before it became a lawsuit. He did nothing. He knew his city engineer was inept, he told us. He called him an idiot.”

“I dispute really, the characterization of how he said that that lunch meeting went. And that’s all I would really like to say. That does not represent the fact.” Eades said.

Here’s how it all started:

Knutson claims the city instructed him not to add tack coating to a construction project on Hilliside between Bell and Western.

He says the tack coating is the glue that holds the road together.

When problems started occurring on that stretch of the street, the city sued Knutson and the bonding company he hired.

The bonding company was eventually released from the lawsuit. But Knutson was not. He says the city was itching to settle once the bonding company was released.

Knutson says he eventually settled out of court because the city threatened to drag it out several more years.

“They say, even if you go to court and win, we’re going to appeal it and we’ll tie up your money for the next two to five years. If that’s not economic blackmail, I don’t know what is.” Knutson said.

Meanwhile, councilman Eades and the others don’t plan to leave anytime soon.

“I am elected by the people in the city of Amarillo. And I have no intention of resigning. If the voters at some point would like to turn me out, I will honor their wishes.” Eades said.

Knutson says he may sue the city for disparaging his company. He claims Mayor Harpole slandered his business during an interview on a radio call-in show.

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