Boy In Wheelchair “Jumps” On Trampoline


Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and found an awesome viral video?

Well, one such video comes from Fargo, North Dakota, and features an enthusiastic four-year-old named Wyatt.

Kim Pladson says, “This video has just been, it’s been incredible.”

And that video she’s mentioning has been seen by more than four million people!

Allison Burggraff says, “I didn’t think it was even possible that a wheelchair could jump on a trampoline. Yeah, isn’t that cool? Yeah!”

Meet four-year-old Wyatt who doesn’t let Spina Bifida or being in a wheelchair stop him from reaching new heights.

Kim Pladson says, “I think it’s pretty hard not to think that Wyatt with his glasses bumping up and down on his face and yelling to go faster or higher wasn’t something that wasn’t going to capture your heart.”

“And you kept telling Nate to go faster, why?”

Wyatt and sister say, “Because he likes jumping, ii was going that high.”

Ever since this inspirational moment on giving hearts day at TNT Fitness in Fargo, there are more than 68,000 shares and one-and-a-half thousand comments.

Kim Pladson says, “And to just see how they’ve embraced the joy that we almost at times take for granted because that’s just who we are, that’s what tnt is, and our community has been a great advocate of our program.”

And while people are amazed at this hero who isn’t afraid to jump for joy, it’s just another day at TNT.

Allison Burggraff says, “Every day we get to see these amazing men and women work with kids with special needs and really they’re able to tap into potential that their parents didn’t even know they had.”

Kim Pladson says, “If we can help transform other communities by our knowledge and to help bring this to other gyms so all children can be inclusive with all abilities, I think that would be something short of amazing.”

His mom says wyatt has been going to TNT Fitness once a week for the last two years.

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