Bovina couple delivers baby in farm truck in Lubbock


LUBBOCK, Texas — A Bovina couple found themselves in a crazy situation on Monday when they had to deliver their baby in their farm truck in Lubbock. 

Alyssa, who asked us to conceal her face and last name for privacy reasons, said she woke up on Sunday with a few contractions, but ignored them. 

“It’s a two hour drive for us. So, I didn’t want to show up here and them be like ‘Oh, you’re not in labor, yet? Go back home,'” said Alyssa. 

However, as the contractions worsened on Monday, she conceded and headed to Covenant Children’s with her husband, Tony. 

“About an hour away, I felt my water break, which was a lot weirder than I thought it would be,” Alyssa said. “Okay, I just got to make it to the hospital and I looked up how far away the hospital was on my GPS and I said, ‘Okay, I just have to make it and I was like ‘don’t push.’ The biggest thing was ‘don’t push!'”

With only one thing on their minds, Tony was trying to get them to the hospital as fast as he could. 

“I don’t want to have the baby in the truck,” Alyssa said. “So I was like, ‘Don’t push! don’t push!’ and then when about we got into town, my body was just like, pushing for itself. I couldn’t get it to stop. I was just like, ‘Oh man.'”

She said she pushed the chair as far back as it could go in the truck. 

“Squatted in the floorboard as he was yelling at me ‘There’s cops get back in your seat!'” said Alyssa. 

She said she couldn’t stop, so she continued sitting. 

“Three big pushes and screaming. He came out!” Alyssa said.

Baby Gryffin came out a healthy, 7 pounds and 4 ounces and Alyssa was also in good shape after the extraordinary delivery. 

“Your body really does know what it’s doing,” Alyssa said. “I didn’t really have the doctor’s help or anything and no stitches or anything so I think I did well.” 

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