Botox Injections Offer Migraine Relief

(KSNT)  Typically when you think of Botox, you think of it as treatment for youthful skin, but now Botox injections are being used to treat chronic migraines as well.

Cassandra Robertson says her migraines started when she was in high school and they were pretty excruciating.

"It takes time out of your life, your day," she says.

Robertson were hopeful, but also skeptical after finding out Botox was an option.

"The migraines have to do with the blood vessels in the brain, and I thought how does injecting Botox into muscles help with migraines?" she recalls.

Dr. Mica Newman-Koehn of St. Francis Family Medicine says the Botox weakens the muscles that give the intense part of the headaches.

"It causes those muscles to weaken for about three months and significantly decreases the amount of headaches people have a day, and decreases the severity of the migraines they have," she explains.

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