Borger Native’s Music Featured in Olympics


John Bayless, a Borger native was sitting on his couch, watching the Olympics. He was watching Japanese figure skater, Satoko Miyahara peform when he recognized the song playing during the event. He recognized the song because it was from his own album. 

The song playing was “One Fine Day” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. Bayless said he recorded the album in the 90’s while he was on tour in Japan. 

“I couldn’t believe it. It was my recording. It was my playing,” Bayless said. “It was this moment of complete euphoria. I was just sitting there and I couldn’t believe it.”

Bayless said he got in touch with one of the presenters from Japan. The presenter told Bayless that Miyahara has used his music in other routines. He plans on meeting her one day in person. 

One of my friends is a famous concert pianist wrote me on Facebook. He said we really don’t know what kind of an influence and how far reaching our music is. And I was flattered. I was touched. It was such a gift.”

Bayless had a stroke 10 years ago but he refused to give up playing the piano. He has trained himself to use his left hand only.

His journey has inspired a filmmaker to make a documentary on Bayless called “Left All Alone” 

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