Blood Center Sees Fewer Donations in February


February has been a hard month when it comes to blood donations.

The flu season has created a major decrease when it comes to donations coming into the blood center.

“It was the flu, which is still going on we are going to companies and schools and we will have an estimate for that blood drive and so many people are out with the flu that we are collecting about 50-75% of what we usually collect,” says Suzanne Talley with the Blood Center.

Talley says other factors have led to a decline in donations as well.

“We had issues with one of our bloodmobiles, we had mechanical difficulties, we lost 3 days of blood drives that were scheduled in that bloodmobile, then the weather hit and we had a little bit of snow.”

Talley tells us right now they are about 26% behind on mobile drives and 18% behind at the center.

“We need donations of all types, especially Type O negative.”

Even if you have been sick, Talley says you can still donate as long as you let enough time pass since your last symptom.

“If you have had the flu or you have been given Tamiflu, you have to wait 7 days since your last dose or 7 days since your last symptom, if you are not on medication. If you have had a flu vaccine, there is no waiting, if you are healthy and have been fortunate enough to have been sick yet, we would love to see you,” added Talley.

Coffee Memorial’s Wallace Drive location is open seven days a week and they also have a mobile clinic.

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