Black women losing 1 million dollars in gender pay gap


New research suggests that black women earn a whopping 946,120 dollars less over a 40-year career than her white male counterpart.

(FOX NEWS) – A new study shows economic disparity and a major pay gap for black women.

Estimates from the National Women’s Law Center say a black woman will miss out on over $946,000 in a 40-year career if they make their same current rate of 61 cents on the dollar, as compared to a white man.

The study says a black woman would have to work almost until 86-years-old to earn what a white man earns at 60.

Black women in higher-paying careers such as lawyers, engineers, physicians are also paid less than their white, non-hispanic male counterpart.

The study doesn’t capture lifetime losses for latina women compared to white men, but estimates an even greater loss than that of black women.

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