Breaking developments in the ongoing murder-for-hire case involving an Amarillo man.

Billy Ivy, Jr is now being tied to the murder of a pregnant woman.

Search warrants obtained by KAMR Local 4 News indicate law enforcement not only searched the Ivy Ranch in Oldham County for a missing woman but were also looking for evidence from a 2016 murder in Amarillo.

We reported earlier this week that an FBI Agent testified in a detention hearing for Ivy in which the agent said Ivy was the prime suspect in the December disappearance of Nicole Moore, 28.

Now new information indicates Ivy may be a suspect in the murder of Charlsetta Telford.

She was gunned down in front of her apartment complex in June of last year.

No suspect has ever been identified, until now.

There were four different search warrants executed at the Ivy Ranch in Oldham County: one allowed law enforcement to search for Nicole Moore, also known as Nikki. She disappeared in December and is presumed dead.

Ivy is a prime suspect in that case because investigators say Moore had told people she was going to Vega with Ivy.

Cell phone records indicate Ivy’s and Moore’s phones meet-up near I-40 and Soncy the day she disappeared.

Another warrant indicates an employee of Ivy’s, also a witness in the case, turned over to police a glock-9 millimeter handgun, the same caliber, and type of gun used in the June 2016 murder of Charlsetta Telford.

Here’s where Ivy’s connection comes in, investigators believe Ivy had a sexual relationship with Telford and that she was four months pregnant with his unborn child.

“The killing of the unborn baby is a crime in it of itself so this is a tragedy, number one for Ms. Telford and her family,” says Lt. Erick Bohannon of the Special Crimes Unit, “and number two, the fact that we can’t get any cooperation from anybody who may know who did this.”

This interview was conducted back in January as part of a cold case story.

No suspects have ever been identified until now.

The search warrants do not indicate whether they ever found any evidence in the Telford case except the type of gun used.

Ivy, of course, is already charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

If he’s charged in the Telford murder, that too would be a capital murder case because of the death of Telford and her unborn child, which again, Ivy is the suspected father.

Meanwhile, in the search for Nicole Moore, police say Ivy sent his employee to a location near his Oldham County ranch to retrieve several items including a gun with a silencer without a serial number, and a cell phone allegedly used only five times. That was to call one of Ivy’s co-defendants in the murder for hire case, Tyree Sanford.