Billy Ivy, Jr. and Joanie Ivy face a civil lawsuit in Randall County that alleges the couple tried to kill the first plaintiff multiple times from 2014 through 2017 and set fire to the property of the second plaintiff. 

The plaintiffs’ suit states that Billy Ivy, Jr. attempted to hire someone to kill, and burn multiple properties of one plaintiff and hire someone to set fire to the second plaintiffs’ residence.

The lawsuit alleges Joanie Ivy assisted and/or encouraged Billy Ivy, Jr. alleged illegal conduct.

Joanie Ivy has only been charged with one count of Tampering With a witness and is not facing any other charges in connection with the multiple murder for hire cases. 

The suit seeks $1,000,000 in damages from the Ivy’s.

Billy Ivy Jr. is currently in a federal prison in Arizona for federal weapons charges.

Billy Ivy Jr. is facing six charges of Attempted Capital Murder for Remuneration (murder for hire), two counts in Randall County and four counts in Potter County.  He is also facing charges of arson.