Beat The Heat with Pharmacist Doug


It is HOT out there! You must pay close attention to your body to keep cool. Pharmacist Doug has tips to help stay cool.

  • Stay Hydrated 
    • Our body uses the water you drink to make sweat, which in turn cools your body. Also, without the proper minerals/electrolytes, the body cannot thermoregulate properly. Cool not ice cold water!
  • Get Low
    • Because heat rises stay close to the ground. Hang out in the lower floors if you have a two-story house, spend time in the basement. Perhaps, put your mattress on the floor instead of sleeping on the bed frame
  • Get Wet
    • Cool water is a great way to decrease your body temperature. Wet paper towels, wash clothes, etc… Remember Cool, not ice cold. The cold might shock your body sending it into a reaction that will cause your body to increase heat.
  • Cool your pressure points
    • Your neck, your ankles, your wrist, behind the knees, your groin or your armpits. Remember cool compresses not cold!
  • Refrigerate your skin care products

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