BBB is Warning People of Scams During Severe Weather Season


What seems like workers trying to help you rebuild after a storm may be after much more than helping you out.

Many of us on the High Plains have to deal with severe weather season one way or another. And when it comes time to fix the damage caused, picking a reliable contractor can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.
Janna Kiehl, the Better Business Bureau’s CEO says, “When a company is knocking on your door or advertising, you don’t really know who the good guys are and the guys who may not be around tomorrow. But, it’s really easy to choose if you go to because there you’ll find companies that have ratings, you’ll be able to read any complaints they might have and you can read and post reviews as well.”
There are many ways scammers can try to get in your wallet.
Ofc. Jeb Hilton with the Amarillo Police Department says, “With the severe weather, we do tend to see the roofing scams going on. We’ll see some for body work on vehicles, and others with replacing windshields or windows on vehicles.”
For police, catching scammers is one of their hardest jobs.
Ofc. Hilton says, “We had a major hail storm a few years back and had companies from all over coming in to do repair on cars or repair roofs. When these people come in and then they skip town real quick we might not know who they are. It is a lot harder for us to catch some of these.”
When it comes to major repair jobs, you need to research the company you plan to hire that much more.
Kiehl says, “If a company doesn’t have a good rating, or they do not answer complaints, pay attention. Because that means they probably not going to answer your requests if you have an issue with that same company.”

Kiehl says the BBB usually fields around a thousand inquiries every month.

But nearly four years ago when Amarillo was hit by a hail storm, in the month following they fielded more than 6800 calls.


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