Bathroom Art Offers Emotional Boost


(NBC News) When it comes to the power of the tongue, words can hurt, but one school in Fort Mill, South Carolina is hoping the right words can also brighten spirits.

Artist Shannon Evans teamed up with Orchard Park Elementary school to spread positive messages to children.

“I went through a lot of just situations in school, where I felt alone and I felt really bullied, and escaping into the bathroom where it was really dark, really gloomy and that was my place to go when I was sad,” Evans recalls.

Evans says her hope is that the kindness will spread.

“What I really want to see happen is that there are more kids walking around and talking in these type of behavioral languages, or these type of messages to each other, as opposed to walking around saying things that maybe aren’t as positive,” she says.

Phrases like “You Got This,” “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe,” or “Be Kind Or Be Quiet” inspire the kids to power through.

“We want our kids to see and hear as many kind things as possible so they can be inspired to do great things in our school, and everywhere they go,” says counselor Ebony Kennedy.

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