The Amarillo Police Department released the following information in regards to a scam happening in our area:

“The Amarillo Police Department has received multiple calls from concerned citizens about a scam caller. The caller claims to be Detective Samuel Hammett or Sergeant Sellers. They are calling from the Amarillo Emergency Communications Center phone number (378-3038) and claiming that the person they are calling has warrants. The scammer is asking that the warrants be paid with a Green Dot Card or an iTunes card. If you receive a call about this, be advised it is a scam. The Amarillo Police Department will not call and advise you to pay warrants over the phone or ask you to pay with a gift card. If you have fallen victim to this scam, you can make a police report on the Amarillo Police Department website. If you have been called but did not fall victim to the scammer, there is no reason to call and report it.”